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When we first decided to open up our Food Truck, it was from the desire to serve St. Petersburg citizens with high-quality, delicious food at reasonable prices. Since then, we’ve been known as the only stop you need to make to get your belly full.

Sunkissed Food Truck is what happens when passionate food lovers get together and decide to share their talents with the world. Everything is made fresh and ready to take on the go at your convenience. Find us at one of our locations and see what we’re all about!

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We are selling our food truck:


Make this yours TODAY...this food truck is ready to work and has tons of gigs ready to go for you to start making money right away. 


To our customers:

We started this journey three years ago loving every moment of what we have experienced.  This is not good bye, however, we are leaving the hustle of the food truck venture and focusing on a new opportunity that we will announce once it is ready to go.  Also, you will be able to still grab our amazing sauces on your local grocery store shelf in months to come. 


We wanted to present our food truck business to our followers hoping one of you will continue our success.  If you are energized, ready to have fun and make your own schedule, this really is a fun venture you should take. 


We will be transferring the sale of the food truck/business to a broker in January 2022, so if you want it now, come get it and make it your own today! 


Its been a pleasure serving you and hope to see you around. 




Mark & Alyssa Wilder

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