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When we first decided to open up our Food Truck, it was from the desire to serve St. Petersburg citizens with high-quality, delicious food at reasonable prices. Since then, we’ve been known as the only stop you need to make to get your belly full.

Sunkissed Food Truck is what happens when passionate food lovers get together and decide to share their talents with the world. Everything is made fresh and ready to take on the go at your convenience. Find us at one of our locations and see what we’re all about!

Our Locations

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Alternate Mondays

All Children's Hospital

There are lots of food trucks to choose from at All Children's Hospital, but there’s only one Sunkissed Food Truck. We love that you’re browsing our site, but if you want the full experience, you’ll have to come and say hi in person. We’re waiting for you!


Southern Magnolia Market

In October a Pumpkin Patch is one of the hottest trends in the Tampa Bay Area, and our truck is parked at Southern Magnolia Market all day long on Saturdays. Check our schedule and preview our menu online. Our specials are seasonal, so stop by Sunkissed Food Truck for a fresh and tasty bite.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

Night Visits

If you’re in the area, come over to Sunkissed Food Truck, the place where it all began. Our standard menu items are always available, but we totally recommend trying the daily specials. See you soon!  Check out our Schedule tab for all locations!

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